Why Thai?

Indulging in a Thai massage allows you to relax, take a break while learning about the ancient art of Thai massage in Manchester, often described as “an experience like no other”.

The Thai massage Manchester scene is becoming growingly popular as men, women and young people travel from even the most rural areas of the country to reap the benefits.

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we’re renowned for our low cost, authentic, Thai massage therapies offered by native or Thai decent masseuses who’ve learnt every skill, technique and stroke via native ancestors taught and practised in the heart of Thailand.

What’s the Difference Between Thai Massage and Traditional Massage?

Across the world, there are various forms of massage designed to treat, relieve and relax various areas of the body.
The Siamease Thai Spa is the nations favourite Thai massage Manchester centre offering the full Thai massage experience. From the décor, to the masseuse, to the technique: the Siamease Thai Spa ensures each client receives the full, authentic Thai massage package.

What Makes Thai Massage Manchester so Special?

City life can be a rocky road with the various enterprises moving fiercely through the winds. As the competition intensifies and workloads increase; citizens stress levels rise. It’s important, before we reach breaking point, to find our point of relaxation by replenishing our mind, bodies and souls in the form of Thai Massage therapies.

Thai massages in Manchester are renowned for relieving those strained muscles of tension and toxins while taking you to a place of calm, peace and tranquillity as our masseuses practice their expert knowledge with the signature Thai long, deep strokes across your tense body.

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, our masseuses are provided with further training to ensure they’re fully confident and competent in traditional Thai massage practices. This ensures our Thai massage Manchester therapies accurately and calmingly ease tension, improve circulation while bringing a greater vitality and energy across your body.

Focusing, predominantly on 10 the major energy lines called Sen, Thai massages are a deep routed massage therapy form designed to relive stress and enhance productivity.

The different types of Thai Massage Manchester at the Siamease Thai Spa

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we offer a range of massages offering a range of relaxation benefits:

For more information on our extensive range of massage therapies and how they work for you, contact the Siamease Thai Spa Manchester today or click the links above.

Indulge in your Thai massage Manchester therapy today with the Siamease Thai Spa and leave all your cares, worries and troubles at the door.

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