Total Relaxation With Thai Massage

Relaxing Your Body with Thai Massage.

When it comes to total relaxation, a Thai massage can be your one-way ticket. During a Thai massage you can expect a number of techniques that differ from that of Western styles. Your muscles will be kneaded to relieve tension and stress and your pressure points will be used to allow your body to totally relax. A Thai massage will leave you feeling renewed, rejuvenated and well balanced.

Is Thai Massage for me?

A Thai massage can be performed with or without clothing, so if you feel uneasy about undressing for you massage, you have nothing to fear. However, be aware that there are some intimate positions that take place during stretching. This is passive Yoga exercise which your masseuse will be fully trained in, and they deal with this method of stretching and body contact on a day to day basis. If you do feel uncomfortable with a male masseuse performing this type of massage, then you can always request a female therapist.

What are the Benefits?

Reduces Emotional and Physical Stress:

Thai massage reduces the amount of physical and emotional stress through addressing the problems that are taking place within the human body. Using the body’s meridian points, the massage encourages the body to release the toxins that are responsible for the build-up of stress, both mental and physical. One of the best ways to promote the removal of the toxins from the body is to replenish yourself by drinking a lot of water afterwards.

Increase Energy:

After a Thai massage session, it’s not unusual for you to feel energized. This is because the ‘Sen Pathways’ are cleared during a Thai Massage and without any blockages your body is able to achieve complete circulation.

Improve Flexibility:

Despite being known for the physicality of the massage, a Thai massage is very effective in improving the restoring and self-healing abilities of the body. It’s no secret that many people suffer from the lack of free movement due to a number of reasons. These can be anything from a stressful workplace to medical conditions. Allow a Thai massage to improve your flexibility with ease.

So come and visit Siamease Thai Spa today and let us help you to unwind the best way we know how, with a relaxing and tranquil Thai massage.