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Tibetan Head Massage

Indulge and relax to a methodical Tibetan Head Message here at Siamease Thai Spa today!

The Tibetan head massage is becoming increasingly popular in the western culture as more and more people are experimenting in various eccentric relaxation methods to escape their busy working lives and relax.

Relieve your worries, stresses and anxieties today: book an appointment and experience the ancient Tibetan Head Massage leaving you feeling replenished, revitalised and energised again!

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The Tibetan Head Massage: A brief history


The practice of the Tibetan Head Massage made way to the Western world in more recent years following it’s popularity and cultural stances derived originally in the eastern hemisphere: Tibet, India and China for more than 6,000 years.

Often confused with the Indian head massage, the Tibetan head massage is very different, commonly described as a unique therapy, drawing on the philosophies and ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda.

It’s believed, the three energy channels in Tibetan massage practices are located on the human head. Tibetan Head Massage therapies restores balance and harmony to the mind and body through gentle massage of the acupoints located on the head.

What Should I Expect from a Tibetan Head Massage?

Here at The Siamease Thai Spa we centre our customer service around the beauty of trying and gaining new experiences which is why, when treating clients we ensure you’re guided gently through this new experience and are able to fully embrace and enjoy what you’re feeling and learning. Our experienced therapists take you through the massaging process step by step so you can take the time to relax, enjoy and fully embrace your therapy session.

During the Tibetan Head Massage therapy session, you’re fully clothed and lay comfortably in the reclining position. In this position you feel a sense of tranquillity and calmness whilst our therapists focus their energies on the face, shoulders, neck, throat and scalp, carefully massaging these areas and restoring and transferring calm energy, balance and harmony to the mind, the body and the soul.

Our therapists pay close attention the more tense areas on the body so you leave your Tibetan Head Massage feeling physically and mentally relaxed and recuperated.

Indulge in the ancient methodical Tibetan Head Massage today with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester and indulge in this unique, comforting, spiritual relaxation method: renowned for calming the soul whilst cleansing the body and mind making you feel relaxed comforted and ready to face all the hardships life throws at you.

Tibetan Head Massage: A deeper insight

The Tibetan Head Massage is a massage form, originally practised in eastern culture for over 6000 years. This acupressure massage is renowned for stimulating the core channels, located on the head which relate to energetic and physiological structures of the body and mind.

Following the millennium, the 21st centuries brought longer, more structured working hours to the western world as we continue to develop into this technology-driven society. This means the majority of us spend a large proportion of our lives living beyond time, in front of computer screens, in-taking large amounts of caffeine in a fierce battle with tiredness and stress to earn a living.

This means our body constantly lives in this ‘hyper-alert’ place where we humans have an inability to switch off and relax the way we anciently did and naturally should. When subjecting your body to this state, it eventually begins to take its toll on our central nervous systems, often resulting in physical or emotional illness.

mini-sliderThe beauty of the Tibetan Head Massage is it assists a person in returning to their natural mind state of calmness in the mind, the body, and the spirit. The Tibetan Head Massage is strongly recommended to those who’re feeling drained physically, emotionally and mentally and need help to restore tranquillity in their lives.

No matter how old you are; people of all ages can benefit from the Tibetan Head Massage as the main focus of the therapy is restoring and balancing the acupoints on the head.

Gain a new experience. Find yourself while you replenish, relax and revitalise to your Tibetan Head Massage at the Siameese Thai Spa Manchester today.

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