The history of Thai Yoga Massage

The history of Thai Yoga Massage

For over 2,500 years; Thai yoga massage or Thai massage, as it’s more commonly known, has been practised in Eastern countries before being shared worldwide in later years.

thai-yoga-massageMany would be surprised to know how Thai yoga massage has origins with Buddha’s doctor; Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha and is completed by trained massage therapists who effectively stretch a person using an assortment of assisted yoga poses and techniques.

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we pay a fine attention to detail where our Thai Massage services are concerned, incorporating both traditional and contemporary massage techniques in each of our acclaimed massage services in Manchester.

Whilst completing a specific list of poses, native to traditional Thai massage practices; the therapist  also focuses on particular pressure and energy points known as “sen” massaging which is where masseuses press on particular lines or points.


The benefits of Thai Yoga Massage


Thai massage techniques come with an array of benefits known to enhance a person’s mood, vitality and energy levels in a volume of ways. These include:

✓ Improved Circulation

Much like standard yoga practice: Thai Yoga massage involves participants holding a particular pose designed to benefit the body’s circulatory system.

During this hold, the blood flow to this area will start to slow down slightly. When they then release the pose, fresh blood floods into the area; refreshing a person’s circulation naturally.

The best known positions to improve body circulation are those involving either twisting or inverted stances. Plough, spinal twist and shoulder stands are good examples of this. It’s also wildly believed that inverted poses can aid lymphatic drainage; returning blood to the heart and digestion.

✓ Immune system boosted

There are a variety of scientific studies claiming how Thai Yoga Massage can actually boost the human immune system.

According to extensive research surrounding Thai massage and Thai yoga massage practices; It’s believed that building a stronger immune system is achieved by the releasing of toxins during Thai Yoga and Thai massage treatments.

This works as the various yoga positions practiced in Thai Yoga Massage works in increasing the bodies circulation while invigorating the immune system into action.

✓ Muscular tension released

Seattle Times Journalist, Richard Seven, indulged in Thai massage practices, later reporting how he felt his muscles were much looser several days after he met with his therapist and indulged in Thai massage practices.

The techniques used to relieve muscular tension commonly involve stretching and manipulating the tissues within the body and the muscles, which, when combined with pressure on specific points throughout the body can lead to relaxation and relief of any tensions that you or your body may be holding.

✓ Stress reduced

Yoga and massages are widely recognised as a form of mental therapy as well as being a physical treatment.

During the manipulation and revitalisation of the muscles throughout the Thai massage, many people claim to feel an emotional release; letting go of any stresses they’re holding.

Thai Yoga Massage also uses meditation methods which is a great, traditional way of letting go of negative feelings and channelling energy into positivity.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of the Thai Massage and how it can help you: why not try a session for yourself?

The art of Thai massage is renowned for relieving the mind, body and soul of anxiety, stress and negativity while offering a range of health and well-being benefits.

Kick all your stresses aside and indulge in a relaxing Thai massage in Manchester today.


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