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Looking for relaxing, comfortable, revitalising Thai Massage in Manchester?


Welcome to Siamease Thai Spa: Manchester’s leading Thai Massage therapy centre based in the heart of China Town.

Relieve your body, mind and soul of stress, negative energy and bad toxins today with our professional masseuse’s here at the Siamease Thai Spa.

I’ve never had a Thai Massage before: what should I expect?

Whether you’ve had countless Thai massage experiences, or this is about to be your first: relax, you’re in for a treat!

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, our Thai massage treatments are completed where the patient is partially clothed while lying comfortably on our specialist massage tables. Dependant on the form of massage therapy you’ve opted for, our fully trained, expert masseuses begin focusing their energy on the specific areas of the body which you want to relieve.

During the therapy, you won’t feel any discomfort, just gentle massage strokes over the skin which really penetrate the muscles relieving all tension, negative energy and bad toxins.

Book your appointment now and experience the best Thai massage Manchester has to offer.

The best way to understand how a Thai massage is performed is to jump in and give it a go!

Improve blood circulation, relieve stress and replenish yourself today with Siamease Thai Spa and experience the most relaxing, authentic Thai massage Manchester has to offer now!

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