Swedish Massage

(£35/60 min)

Swedish Massage Manchester

Indulge in a luxury Swedish Massage in Manchester with the Siamease Thai Spa today and embark on a bespoke therapy, native to European culture.

Unbeknown to many; the Swedish massage is one of the most common massage types practised in the West and is a great source for; pain relief, muscle relaxation and emotional relaxation.

Here at Siamease Thai Spa, we perform a range of Swedish massage forms, dependant on what you personally want to gain from your massage. If it’s your first time at the Siamease Thai spa we’d recommend the Swedish massage for you it’s a great all over body relaxation method which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed in the body, mind and soul.

Another form of the Swedish massage is the deep tissue massage which is recommended to those with higher pain tolerance. This particular massage therapy is great for deep muscle pain, often caused by sport injuries or strains.
Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, Swedish massage and other massage types are each performed by licensed and fully trained therapists.

Swedish massages are performed dependant on customer preference. Here at the Siamease Thai Spa Manchester, we practice both slow and gentle massages for those merely wishing to relax and vigorous and bracing massages for those who need deep muscle tissue relief.

Swedish Massage: What to expect

Swedish massage is a more basic form of massage that comes from the western world, using pressure which helps bring a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The massage usually begins where you’re lying face down on the massage bed with your head rested in a u-shaped face cradle to ensure your spine is neutrally aligned.

Following this, the next step of your Swedish massage will consist of your therapist lubricating the skin with relaxing, calming massage oil performing a range of massage strokes. Performing a range of massage strokes ensures your muscles are warmed up accordingly, subsequently releasing muscle tension while breaking muscle knots.
Generally, your masseuse starts by working on your back, employing various massage strokes which include a combination of friction, kneading, tapping and stretching.

What to or what not to wear

During a Swedish massage you’re usually nude with a sheet placed over you to maintain modesty. During the therapy, your masseuse removes only areas of the sheet which he or she is working on to ensure you’re comfortable during the process of your massage.

(Please note, at the height of customer satisfaction here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we want you to feel comfortable therefore, if you’d prefer to keep you’re underwear on we’re more than happy to accommodate this.)

Swedish Massage: The Benefits

The Swedish massage is best-known for relaxing the entire body though its benefits extend much further than one might think. The Swedish massage is also great for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, tapering muscle toxins, flexibility, easing tension and improving body circulation.

Adjacent to this, a recent study by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found volunteers who received a 45-minute Swedish massage treatment experienced a large decline in stress levels and an increase in the amount of white blood cells which play a huge part in the human immune system.

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa Manchester, our experts are trained to use more pressure around the more thicker parts of the body which have more muscle, and to relax pressure on the more bonier parts of the body, in order to bring maximum relief and relaxation.

If you would like to book a Swedish Massage in Manchester with Siamease Thai Spa, then call us today on 0161 376 7211.

Known only as ‘classic massage’ in Sweden (which is basically what it is), Swedish Massage represents the western standards for massage. Television often states that Swedish Massage is a tough massage performed by sadistic therapists in some sort of medical style uniform, but this is purely hearsay and rumours cooked up by the media.

Gliding, Tapping (Pounding), Stroking, Vibration and Kneading are the five common techniques used with a Swedish Massage – All five of these techniques are used to try to improve the circulation of the blood in your body, to soothe your tense muscles, and to make you feel in a state of relaxation.

Relax, replenish and revitalise as you enjoy your bespoke Swedish massage at the Siamease Thai Spa in the heart of Manchester city centre. Book your appointment or find out more today on 0161 376 7211.

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