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Traditional Thai Massage (£45/60 min £60/ 90 min £ 75/ 120 min)

A wonderful treatment passed down from ancient generations, Thai massage involves the application of pressure and a gentle stretching of the muscles, also using pressure to stimulate the energy meridians of the body. This massage is performed on Traditional Thai mattresses without oil and pays special attention to the back and legs

Aromatherapy Body Massage (£45/60 min £60/ 90 min £ 75/ 120 min)

Treat yourself to an hour, or more, of bliss with this gentle therapeutic massage for total relaxation. Choose from our blends of pure essential oils to calm the nerves, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the spirit. The oils are readily absorbed by the skin tissues while their uplifting scent triggers the nerves in the nose to bring internal balance and healing. The full-body treatment includes massage to the feet, legs and scalp.

Thai Herbal Heat Treatment (£55/60 min)

A Full Thai massage is combined with Thai herbal compresses (warm pack of natural blends of herbs) to stimulate acupressure points. The beneficial combination helps to ease aches, relax muscles and stimulate circulation. Ideal combination with any Thai Massage.

Anti Stress Massage (£ 40/60 min)

Suitable for someone who has back – ache problem by focusing on back.
Head, Back, Neck, shoulder Massage £30 min / £25

Foot of Siamease

Foot reflexology Massage £ 40.00 / 60 min
Aromatic foot massage £ 40.00 / 60 min

Foot reflexology therapy is focused on the 62 reflex points on the feet to heal the body, mind and soul. Relief of stress and tension, encourage the body to naturally correct and balance itself.

Total foot care & massage £65 / 60 minutes

Soak in a footbath with herbal cleaning includes treatment of cuticles and nail, deodorize and soften the skin before dead skin cell are buffed. The treatment is finished with a relaxing foot massage.

*Important Notice
Massage at Sanaethai is an Authentic Thai Massage by professional therapist. Do not provide any sexual services. Please do not waste your time and embarrassing yourself.

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