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Thai Aromatherapy Herbal Steam with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester

Refresh your body today with the gentle steam filled cloud of fresh Thai herbs; aromatically refreshing and warmly relaxing.

Thai Aromatherapy Herbal Steam is an ideal therapy to undertake before a massage or between massage appointments as it’s great for skin cleansing, clearing the lungs, promoting circulation and invigorating the body.

Herb – infused steam detoxifies and treats specific conditions relieving tension and calming the mind.

This therapy is recognised to:

  • Radiate skin
  • Soften skin
  • Detox pores
  • Reduce water retention (slimming)
  • Relax the body

-All for just £25! (30minute session)

Thai herbal body scrub

Indulge in our Thai Herbal body scrub today for therapeutic treatment traditional to Thai culture.

During the treatment, you’ll sample and chose your preferred products choosing between sweet scented cocoa butter cream, Thai tropical mango body scrub, floral jasmine rice scrub, green leaf tea scrub, wild cherry scrub or nutmeg and vanilla body scrub.

Each of our chosen scented body scrubs are specifically chosen to release and relieve your mind and body of anxiety and stress sloughing away all dead skin cells leaving you with smoother, softer skin.

Indulge, relax and enjoy the Thai herbal body scrub treatment with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester today-all for just £ 39 / 45 minutes!

Fresh Fruit and Honey Scrub

Try our new Fresh Fruit and Honey Scrub- Bespoke to the Siamease Thai Spa Manchester!

Using a range of fresh fruits and honey, this scrub is excellent for dry, tired skin as it excavates natural, healthy skin tones bringing a real glow to the surface of your skin.

Used for all skin types, indulge in the signature Siamease Thai Spa Skin therapy today.

Prices starting from just £25 for 30mins!