How Professional Massage Techniques Could Help Relieve Back Pain

How Professional Massage Techniques Could Help Relieve Back Pain

Here at Siamese Thai Spa Manchester, we’re committed to you, our customers and understand your needs. To open up our new found blog, we’re detailing some information on the benefits of professional massage for those suffering from back pain in and around Manchester.

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Back pain is a common condition throughout the UK with an estimated 80% of adults likely to experience at least one episode during their lives.

Many of us can relate to the fact back pain is uncomfortable, restricts everyday tasks and effects our mood and wellbeing.

Although prescribed pain killers relieve pain in the short term, it’s important a long term solution is performed to relieve the current pain while preventing future episodes.

How We Could Help


If you’ve been suffering from back problems and don’t know which way to turn, it’s time for you to try the most acclaimed Thai massage Manchester has to offer.

Thai massage techniques, completed by expert, professional masseuses restore energy flow throughout the body releasing negative energy and bad toxins from your system. This benefit of effective Thai massage is advantageous for relieving anxiety and stress.

Adjacent to this, traditional Thai massage techniques are extremely useful in strengthening joints, muscles and bone structures helping the body to fight chronic and acute pains.

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Please note: if you’ve not already done so, please make sure you see your GP before booking any kind of massage or treatment for back pain. As we’re not medical professionals here at the Thai Spa Manchester, we cannot diagnose any kind of back problem.