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The Best of the North West: Hot Stone Therapy

Indulge and love the skin you’re in with a hot stone therapy massage with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester.
Using basalt and basinite volcanic rock; hot stone massages are native to the Thai culture believed to promote relaxation while eliminating negative energy from your body mind and soul.

During your massage, your therapist places the heated stones along the chakra body points along your spine making, known in native Thai culture, to be the centre of energy in the human body which is believed to revitalise the physical body. This form of massage is great for stimulating and balancing energy flow throughout the body improving posture while making you feel relaxed and comforted.

The stones are heated using hot water and are alternated between cooled marble to encourage the body and muscles to relax, detox and heal.

In conclusion, the benefits of indulging in hot stone massages include:

  • Muscle and joint relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Recharged energy levels
  • Released toxins
  • Improved blood circulation

Hot stone massage therapy is a therapeutic exercise best suited for people who’re in need and deserve a nurture and pampering session. After treatment with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester customers leave our care feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and most importantly: special.

For more information on our distressing, relaxing and therapeutic Hot Stone Traditional Thai Massage services: contact Siamease Thai Spa now on 01619234897.

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