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The Best of the North West: Hot Bamboo Massage Therapy

-with Siamease Thai Spa Manchester

Here at Siamease Thai Spa Manchester, we offer South East Asian massage therapy: called ‘Hot Bamboo Massage’. In this treatment we use natural bamboo which is shaped and steam pressed. Hot Bamboo Massage is known for its combination of comforting heat and the traditional benefits of a massage that uses the hot bamboo rods to roll and knead knots and aches out of tense muscles.

Hot Bamboo Massage Benefits

Following Hot Bomboo Massage therapy, clients express strong feelings of deep relaxation and comfort Hot Bamboo massages are also known to Improve your lymphatic system, circulation and organ functions in the body. In a shorter amount of time Hot Bamboo Massage allows a deeper massage therapy for better relaxation. Without the use of electricity Hot Bamboo Massage provides you with a warming and effective massage. The masseuses hands reduces strain and stress during deeper tissue work. As well as being strong, hot bamboo is a renewable resource which means the therapy is also eco friendly.

Bamboo Back Massage – 60 minutes

The bamboo sticks stretch out and knead away tension in your muscles whilst the heat will deliver a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation. The bamboo sticks are rolled and kneaded all over the body which increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The bamboo sticks are targeted towards the tense areas of your body.

Bamboo Body Massage : 60-90 minutes

When the bamboo sticks stretch and iron out any muscle tension; you’ll experience an immediate stress relief to the effected areas, whilst simultaneously feeling a sense of well-being and relaxation. The bamboo sticks are rolled and kneaded over your body to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation. Your entire body will be benefiting from deep pressure techniques which will relieve and relax your overworked and aching body as well as helping to remove any toxins.

Hot Bamboo Massage is a treatment for any person that wants to feel uplifted, relaxed and energised.

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