Anti wrinkles Facial Treatments (50 minutes / £35.00)

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we offer a range of Anti Wrinkle facial treatments which leave your skin feeling soft, clear and smooth to the look and touch.

For more information, why not contact a member of our friendly team today!

Facial treatment for all skin type (U.P 5 full step)

Our facial treatments offer deep cleansing therapies to get rid of impurities which cannot remove by the daily cleansing routine. Alongside this, the treatment also offers relief of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes leaving you feeling fresh and alive.

Anti wrinkles Facial Treatments & lifting – moisture boost nourishment and relief of wrinkle, enhancement resilience.
Vitamin C whitening skin – the machine work with Ions + Vibration + colour add vitamin C into your skin smooth and radian.

Radiance Gel Mask

Radiate your skin leaving it to look smooth and youthful with our bespoke radiance gel mask said to be a popular treatment in celebrity culture!

Classic Manicures (45 min) £20.00

A pampering hand treatment to beautify the hands and nails. Nails can be buffed to a healthy shine, or coated with the polish of your choice.

Classic Pedicure (1 hr) £30.00

A total foot treatment that removes hard, dry skin and beautifies the feet and nails. Nails can be clear buffed or coated with the polish of your choice.

  • Eyebrows Shaped £ 5.00
  • Eyes lashes Extension £ 15.00
  • Hair Extension £ 30-80
  • Make up an optional extra*

Note: please make appointment up to 3-24 hrs before appointment.


Want to Learn a Little About Siamease Thai Spa’s Massage Therapies?

With relaxation being an important aspect of life: pampering yourself and taking that time out to recharge your batteries is the only way anybody can be the best they can be and move forward in life: stress free.

Here, in the heart of Manchester city centre, the Siamease Thai spa offer a range of massage therapies to suit anyone and everyone’s needs.

From Swedish massage therapy, to Tibetan Head Massage therapy and everything in-between: the Siamease Thai Spa are renowned for the best Thai massage Manchester has to offer.

Our Thai massage centre is located in the heart of China town overseeing beauty, culture and often many traditional practices. Contemporary decoration and a warm calming environment, the Siamease Thai Spa is becoming a real favourite among couples, friends and solo visitors far and wide.

Looking for that authentic Thai Massage Manchester?

Here at the Siamease Thai Spa, we offer a range of massage therapies, in the heart of Manchester for both men and women to indulge in. For more information surrounding Thai massage Manchester therapies, contact a member of our friendly team today on 0161 376 7211.

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